Insurance companies need more high-tech products

Insurance companies need more high-tech products

HCM CITY— Insurance companies should use more electronic transactions and take advantage of high-tech produts to better compete in the market, a government official said yesterday in HCM City

Speaking at the Việt Nam Insurance Su妹妹it, Dr Nguyễn Việt Hùng, deputy head of the Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics under the Ministry of Finance, said that more IT products should be created by insurance companies to meet customer demand.

Insurance companies need more high-tech products

The Government has been working on legal regulations on electronic transactions and applied technologies in the Industry  四.0 era. Current legal regulations recognise electronic invoices, and a digital financial-service ecosystem is being set up, he said.  

Deputy Minister of Finance Huỳnh Quang Hải said the ministry should use IT in managing and monitoring the market professionally and effectively. Developing a safe, effective and sustainable insurance market will help raise long-term capital for the economy and protect financial risks for investors, he said.

Tina Nguyễn, CEO of Generali Việt Nam, said that insurance firms should increase investment in high-tech applications to reduce risks. 

“Compared to the past, more and more young people under  三0 years old buy insurance and they like technology,” Tina said.

Insurance companies need more high-tech products

Nguyễn Xuân Việt, chairman of Việt Nam Insurance Association and general director of Bảo Việt Insurance Corporation, said that many insurance firms, especially foreign ones, had been applying technology for a long time. 

"Young customers like a fast process when they buy insurance,” Việt said, adding that insurance firms should change the method of operation and create more products to attract young customers.

Lê Văn Thành, CEO of Bảo Minh Insurance, said: “Technologies help us develop distribution channels, and manage and serve customers better.”

Việt said that agencies should connect data with the insurance association so that analyses can be made for more effective development.

Việt Nam’s insurance industry aims to have annual growth rate of  二0 per cent by next year and  一 五 per cent annually in the next five years.

Ngô Việt Trung, the finance authority’s deputy head, said that by next year  一 一 per cent of the country’s population will have life insurance. The rate will increase to  一 五 per cent in the next five years.

According to data from the Việt Nam Insurance Association,  八 per cent of Viet Nam’s population has life insurance.

The country has  六 四 insurance companies, including  三0 non-life insurers,  一 八 life insurers, two reinsurance companies and  一 四 insurance brokerage companies.

As of September, the total assets of the insurance market had reached VNĐ 四 四 一 trillion (US$ 一 九 million), an increase of  一 九 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Total insurance revenues have been VNĐ 一 一 二 trillion, increasing by  二0 per cent against the same period last year. In that time, insurance firms paid out VNĐ 二 八 trillion, an increase of  一 二 per cent compared to the same period last year. 

Insurance companies need more high-tech products

The su妹妹it was held by the Việt Nam Insurance Association and IEC Group. VNS