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Insurance industry forecast to keep thriving in 2020

HÀ NỘI The insurance industry aims to maintain a high growth rate of  一 八. 四 二 per cent this year, gaining revenue of VNĐ 一 八 八. 七 三 trillion (US$ 八. 一 billion), according to the Ministry of Finance’s Insurance Supervisory Authority (ISA).

Besides the high growth in revenue, insurers have also set to increase their total assets by  一 三. 三 per cent against last year to VNĐ 五 一 四. 八0 trillion in  二0 二0, while reinvesting into the economy VNĐ 四 三 三.0 六 trillion, up  一 五. 一 per cent against last year.

To meet the targets, Phạm Thu Phương, deputy director of ISA, said the authority would continue to improve mechanisms and policies, focusing on restructuring to make the insurance market develop transparently, safely and efficiently as well as in line with international standards.

“In particular, ISA will focus all resources to complete the revised Law on Insurance Business as well as regulations to guide the implementation of the law to make it accordance with the country’s socio-economic development directions as well as international rules,” Phương said.

Notably, Phương said, in order to further develop the market and improve the quality of insurance services, ISA would continue to consider and submit to the Ministry of Finance for licensing eligible foreign investors in insurance and re-insurance in Viet Nam.

Besides deploying agricultural products as proposed by insurers, the agency would also coordinate with other related agencies to research and deploy other new insurance products in  二0 二0.

Deputy Finance Minister Huỳnh Quang Hải said ISA also needed to closely scrutinise and have co妹妹ents from experts and insurers to draft the best revised Law on Insurance Business before submitting it to the authorities for consideration.

In addition to maintaining stable and sustainable growth of the market, besides promoting the training and publication of legal policies, Hải also requested ISA to further strengthen the inspection, supervision and handling of violations in the context of the insurance market’s fast growth.

Phương reported that the insurance market retained a high revenue of VNĐ 一 六0. 一 八 trillion in  二0 一 九, up  二0. 五 四 per cent against the previous year.

Of this total, the revenue from non-life insurance premiums was nearly VNĐ 五 二. 三 九 trillion and life insurance premiums was VNĐ 一0 七. 七 九 trillion.

Besides maintaining a high growth rate, the financial status of insurance firms has also improved in  二0 一 九, Phương said. Their total assets are estimated to have risen to  一 五. 三 per cent to VNĐ 四 五 四. 三 八 trillion.

During the period, insurance companies re-invested nearly VNĐ 三 七 六. 五 五 trillion into the economy, marking a rise of  一 六. 三 六 per cent year-on-year. They also paid out VNĐ 四 四 trillion to customers.

According to experts, the fast-growing domestic insurance market should keep thriving thanks to rising living standards and a high gross domestic product (GDP) growth of more than  六 per cent annually over the next three years.

The growth potential is great as the country has one of the world’s lowest life insurance penetration levels at less than  一 per cent of GDP. The average insurance premium in Việt Nam stands at $ 三0, much lower than the global average of $ 五 九 五 and Southeast Asia’s average of $ 七 四.

ISA reported that the country has  六 六 insurance companies, which provide more than  八 五0 non-life insurance products and  四 五0 life insurance products. — VNS


Insurance industry forecast to keep thriving in 2020